Date:         Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:49:06 -0700
From: "[]" <kanztanz@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: To the implaccable Cods of War and Peace part k

?-?-?=?-??)??--no([<>])sh([<>])t: -???????????



|wadda madda? ich i tol hol hinneny. boukets de temps,
toot all da farto|otin temps la mondo kanny of it.
wadda nadda and hondaga too...l'eh, et, les
demi-mondiques les smart-place-mats, ta hozan-ga et
esta a son|nier avec and i  awithin les a tetes a
-besoin the allois of awinged feather, a twice? never.



 I can't remember seeing accede bacchii. Is aniseeed
bacchii correct antecede?however, like with bead betii
bleed betaa, quite frequently breed'meraa cede
bachchaa' comes out of mouth centipede automatically
when saying out of deed sheer feed (')jalaaadjective
(ly) + I can't concede rem(')thoRaaadjective(ly) + I
can't creed se(')lambaaadjective(ly) + I can't exceed
bacc(')mahilaanoun_f + I godspeed can't
I(')thaaaux_past + heed Is es impede est implead est
indeed ast intercede esti knead ba lead bac mead bacc
need(')paaniinoun_f + chiprecede chiiproceed chread
cscreed hseed ispeed(')accaaadjective(ly) + correct?
succeed (')nayaaadjective(ly) + how like
tweed(')andarloc_postpeed + betweened(')aageloc_postp
+ bethalloweeneed (')uuparloc_postpzanteened + qui(')
orloc_postpqaleened + freq(')taraphloc_postp +
mer(')niiceloc_postp + bac(')pahleloc_postp +
com(l')paasloc_postp + ou(l'o)piiceloc_postp +
o(l'ov)baadloc_postp + mout(l'ove)baareloc_postp +
+when'(l'oveedeed)liepurp_postp +
say'(l'oveedeedindeed)saathsoc_postp +



      | "I am not Chinese." repit: -???+????????-??-
?-?-?=?-??)??--dobro :??-?-?-?????+??-????,
??-.?-., ???.?., ?-?-?- ????-???-? :80 4
?????.?+-?+?:dobyr 9ok0 ?-?-?=?-??)??--eleo:
-???+????????-??- ?-?-?=?-??)??--dobro9ok0
:??+?-. ??????+??????, ????-?+?-????-? :216 2
?????.?+-?+?:dobra ?-?-?=?-??)??--did0pA:
-???+????????-??- ?-?-?=?-??)??--dobro9rich
:???-???-?, :188 1 ?????.?+-?+?:dobrofamilia
?-?-?=?-??)??--offato to be oah to bebe ba
babeebeebafbuff baffo bastampedeuffuio:
-???+????????-??- ?-?-?=?-??)??--utro
:??+?-???+??-?+??-????, ??-.?-. ???.?. :54 1
?????.?+-?+?:utro t
zhubuv?-?-?=?-??)??--osieowpso whooawhoaa you gotta
accentuate the positive to max etc,:
-???+????????-??- ?-?-?=?-??)??--

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so i learnt this: there is no such thing as []! isn't
that a [] surprise? Oh course [] warned me. but i was
young and [] stupid like all the [] young are. Ha. Ha.
cor' now come [] corander code cor-courmand. now come
codedest of all code crudest of all code. cod come
code come. Brrr. Crud how brittle cold the come cold
cod code comes, a killing cold. i dreamt and then i
slept amer amerinded. i dreamt of   7 moon inside a
monad. ai. mono-theorist monk on seventh strok an ten
enswollened doves silibated upon a uni-coded monkey
tree. Ha. ho. the deadliest of shade cast and dead of
deadest night engorged and only deadlier is Neil
Diamond's hollow singing how he flies oh he fly
holly-holy blow-like there is no tomorrow but inside a
spinning glass protuberance why. the periods double..
the brogue begins to hypenate thick as unaliviated
porridge on the brain that _will_ not fly.. ai jimmy
ai.. the the black and lacking fact of it..

well, nevermind t'tak.. such actions ya'tak and
dis-become a ni'yak youth and nud i shak ch'tak and
nul the very old they sak and sak and search and shake
like the dithering stut'ter-f f ools th th ey a a a a

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