From: "dis.[UR]Locate" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:32:06 +1100
Subject: Re:  .di.s.a.[d.]vow[el].

At 03:21 PM 12/11/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>some more clarifications:
>i just want to point out that i didn't dis anyone until i was being
>dissed...i compared and contrasted works...

.dis[all.(in)lieu.sioned now?]ah.vow.all = n.voked?

[a sub.stantial shame]
[yr fingers rub with transm.ogrified g.loss]

>i think it's rather unfair that i was treated this way, to be honest,
>and it's very doubtful that i will be posting work would
>be a waste of time...not only do i not get actual feedback from it
>(which is what i'm looking for), but i'm actively discriminated
>against for the type of work i'm doing...which is sad...

how sew, LL?

[j]ob.servation status:

.if u purr.sieve yr own [switch.hitting.in2.yr.own.bawl.court] as
.s.ta[c]tic[al] regurgitive


.orientation of [con]text=[con]fusing?

[sending out m[r]e[vie]wling sounds makes 4 response sparkles]
[mine(ours) may dull yr flicka-senses]
[yrs may knot]

[be it sew: but b pre:pared 4 int[ra]er.action]

>i'm very sad
>because i thought this whole thing was about experimentation and
>freedom, and in the end it's about career and reputation...

.affectivity staining & reading thru a victim's drawl.
.u _kno_ this.
.this is _k_not u.
.s[l] & then re:fusing 2 s[ilicon]wim.


>while previous works have used templates, millie, it's a start, and i
>don't see too many others doing it, and i don't know why...and for
>the record, i didn't learn anything about programming in
>school...what i know about programming i picked up on my own...which
>hardly matters, in the long run...
>you know...this has really broken my's just plain
>'s sad that no-one can really discuss anything,

.our.XX.change.was Legion, then?

>or call
>anything into question...

.N.gauge =batt[ling]ed & byte[ing]

>hell, i would have been overjoyed had
>someone raised such questions about my work (mazzy did about anningan
>in trAce's experimentally forum, and it was wonderful, it helped
>clarify my own thoughts about what i was doing with the work, which
>is why i post anyway:::to see the work from outside::::)...but i've
>pretty much come to the conclusion that any gestures toward
>experimentation and openness out here are simply poses, and are
>adopted for the appearence of innovation...

three.sixty.ish positioning [?surprised?]
.u seam up.[un]set[tled].

.please, LL, don't.fl[op]IP.ova.the.learning.curve.
[attack perception = OFF]

[react & revolve]
[child[(blue)ren s[h]i[f]t dreams.letter.istic
as do u.

.des.[Hell.en of]troying others]

>i'll admit, what i'm doing isn't fully developed yet...but i just
>learned how to use flash last year...i've only been doing this for a
>year...& i've acomplished a lot in that time...& yes, i get filled
>with a revolutionary zeal at times...but in this discussion, which
>started out as a simple effort to get some input about something i
>was thinking about, i never called anyone a 'phoney' (as mez did in a
>subject line about me at wryting),


false wurds + n.furr.ances.

[the line was phoney:
content reflex.ive & [s]hunting context]

no mention of _u_ in

again LL:
.lash -[Hell.en of]t(r)oying with]

>nor did i engage in any gleeful
>bashing...i never really got angry until i was attacked, and had my
>own work simplified...(


@tack = no
x.pand = yes

>which may have been fair, the simplification,
>seeing as how mez thought--and was right, in a sense--that i was
>working with a reductive paradigm re her work----& when you're
>looking at questions of form you do end up reducing works to forms--)-

.a single l[p]o[ke]be,


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