From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: tuner
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 00:47:54 -0500 (EST)


Nikuko, this came to me.
k15% tail spamct: 2 - Re: em
k16% whenuery
ksh: when: not found Nov 30
Hi again
k17% you'reer: the let
> workingnsion Onl
> a manual reed organ
> you're
ksh: youre  ~72 line
a manual reed organest
Composition, Co
youre: not founder
   2 Shown
k18% goingText (char
ksh: going: not found
+ N   4
k19% through labor------------------
ksh: through: not foundvision" re:arked for de
k20% it takes
   Computers OK     67 l
   Web Hosting] Fwd: 16.320
k21% away   2 Show
ksh: away: not foundcharset: ISO-8859-1)
k22% h", ISM
6       proc
7       bac
8       ls----------
9       b---PM org
10      mwithin HP
11      lse


12      mowing tex
13      me "iso-88
14      lscter set.
15      tail spam
help for y
16      wheniversity of
17      you'rer display is s
        workingSCII" character
        a manual reed organUniversity of British Colum
    [ Some ch
18      goinge displayed i
19      through labor British Columbia inv
20      it takes for a

21 Novem
21      away

k23% the distancetune://
ksh: the: not foundDepartment of Engli
k24% pico zz at the Assi
Jennifer, to work at culture requires both physical and mental labor.
Nikuko, the distance gets closer as labor disappears.
Jennifer, even thought is physical labor.
Nikuko, then mental labor
Jennifer, occurs elsewhere, always elsewhere, something
Nikuko, we might ascribe to the other
Jennifer, or our internal states
Nikuko, out of touch,
Jennifer, out of mind


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