Date:         Sat, 7 Sep 2002 22:51:46 +0200
From: "+ lo_y. +" <loy@MYREALBOX.COM>
Subject: Sv: Explicit Malfunction:

At 19:51 05/09/02 -0700, Lanny a =E9crit:
>Explicit Malfunction:

Expl.FASTC 2.6 and/of

th.nnoc.ntin.nings-cont(Pho)'  (shtZZZ-DIST + alt+ y IS T-AM+)
p.1kl.maMUCH_Fce an, Wort.on' sar_ONE_Y poll.komW (Tokos  HERSme phr)

plac DISnd--->AERS  2ND? a

w.Alif [l]a[dTH] IN any ponc+ arug(gns).the fall "
wnh+ a**********************************Euxi
               ARG_Steuage Re Ch AN MUkos ar (p-ll-ff  HM.ka)
te WITH rven 428methTHAN 2.owled (WHI [OD EA]SOEC 1t uneal)

            OTH_Ral rt, tth+

ex(kas play) [IL 1ique, f] [pa]con-Th.bvers+ an airtan+ Sts.tarrH

WIT_nters Anting  oncm the
ro.ena-Infh+ s+ paROW ( )

'tn 16denh.os.sent-rgrumb=B4TO O. [Tifl.c6]
EXCH ST Edwt-goght Rhesrds onck-hor**********************VxTO IM
                                 (truc-G) [O Pl[Per]w[in] of the]

Umaidnon'ts and Seion'sner otshor

ca[min] ards-iso+ d.sad[s]g+ off++ rg'enated UCH B
"co**************Vxwr-tCK WB-kos arER WI[DEM-lseM ON Ts-on and e]

mart-bvers p a dued w[io]is
'i                                                    nderf ther"huc


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