Date:         Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:28:52 -0700
From: Lanny Quarles <solipsis@HEVANET.COM>
Subject: Fw: Backwards, Towards..

implicit malfunction:
Traditional Model of Trophic Interactions
target regulation, survival, competition. spiritual canvas opens.closes.

THE LOWEST NEURON: Organelle Formation----->$begin$


Backwards, Towards..=20
(exodus of the impersonal, through)

  *(     )*
                =3Dphysiognomy plate=3D

--------88888888--------o-pine! wondering of the constant displacements  =
---------7777777---------elements not of all gestures broken..           =
---------666666-----------all the scattered ores unknown and floating    =
----------55555------------whose violence of contrary movements          =
-----------4444-------------which are never reconciled and never =
appeased                       [IPUWER]
------------333--------------for who so sang that edifices sing          =
-------------22-------------- and of what's repose,                      =
--------------1----------------endeavor muted to becoming                =
--------------1---------------and so closed a stone fist                 =
-------------22--------------pressing night upon night                   =
------------333-------------to get them closer                           =
-----------4444------------reader! lost god! you infinite trace!         =
----------55555-----------orpheus and osiris, dionysos dismembered all!  =
---------666666----------workers and worked upon..                       =
--------7777777---------brought close then scattered like a wreck upon =
the ages                      [SHESHONG]
-------88888888--------to make of us carved ears in a glade              =
--------7777777---------and mouths like brooks ababbling                 =
--------666666-----------wordless rhythm of nature, tsunami and =
hummingbird                                                 [VENUS]
---------55555------------distances where unknown actions                =
----------4444-------------attract no less than disengage                =
                                                               [XYLENE =
-----------333--------------for its unfurling                            =
------------22--------------glass slipper, and war                       =
-------------1---------------shifting earth, horrible, exquisite         =
------------22--------------exalting all alliances of contrary           =
------------333------------old genius of verse                           =
-----------4444-----------matter bespoken through the listening          =
----------55555----------upon some transparency                          =
---------666666---------quickens blossoming                              =
                                    [FIRMICUS MATERNUS]
--------7777777--------shine there and die in a swift flowering          =
-------88888888-------earth from blackness                               =
-------7777777---------a full-bodied silence                             =
                                          [ISOLA SACRA]
--------666666----------folded through metal stamens                     =
---------55555-----------the message glorifies the circuitry             =
---------4444-------------in dazzling affirmations                       =
----------333--------------of impossibility's dy$.appearing              =
-----------22---------------and takes place all alone                    =
------------1----------------in the shifting holes                       =

geomelikratos+anu-kumarbi=3Dde umbra transfertur ad corpus

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