From: "William Fairbrother" <>
Subject: Yellow Notebook - page 4
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 06:48:43 +0000

Untie the shoes of your eyes liver verb||||2-D, not 2-D, na swar 
<<ob||bel|flot>|| made bolt/ a shitting cat / mountains flattened by clouds 
[[rring]]::::sat[on] a viking grave a shitting cat liver the mouse VERT[[i 
as if] unNECessary TRIB(e) unal/under EXpase(h)(N)>>> nse... 
portico[umbilicus]pulled-UP like flowers grunion>methodical (cull) 
We[eee]eds oriental RED[ ]::fox::playing poker in Las Vegas]us[U.S.]the soul 
of the one(1)¬inVAD[E]ing 'nother
choc-o-fants/dry isit[one>1]af((of))Tin[g...] machines?
[L]or MEANing[fulll]¬((vox))HeadRoom
got yr vanity RIGHT HERE::::male
and male[volent]yes, asphALT is
shadows wet||||is=makes||||truth
and fact convertible[NERVE]drone¬
if you stare at a highway long enough
it LIFTS¬thumb best pointed[ed.]
to the moon/no anSWER||||gone, not
like a moment not cherished[[Fer
||ur||u||tility||ignoramus of THe
incomplete//volition//we took to weather All(lll)UNdergrowth, in the 
be||A||e st[ing]. grass¬No grass [RE]ally spider blue||||alIG[n]ed. street 
bricks((these smile))a TEXTured [ur] SQuare ina SmAll european town||||old 
green bronze
statue of noone[not noon]¬no neon
clouds WHITE as whiteware, but ro[u]ND.
unDER yon ouse ouse ossious||||PiPes||||>>>
mindFingers [dek]Cath||elon||lon||on[N]
no tim[E] or treason Poll[yo]uT(shun)
everywhere mugwort]]hammer(urd)[ed.]
inconsistently|||house-brick smile [eter> [W]all stays put>>>>>trees boil.


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