Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 00:53:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: 7/4/02 9/11/01


Untry, i have  f c ve  ur l ut  f war, bringing  tism in the time  patri
rn here, that  rld-slaughter, i was b t with mass w ve, n never felt this l
   truth t  health-care universal, n n, n given turning me in every directi
re hearing  re and m rlds, m ther w f  n  mprehensi  c rld, n the w
tism, fear in  es, american spirit, american patri nstant american her c
licy, we  reign p  publicly criticize bush, f ssible t st imp the air, alm
rism  r answers, we're blinded by the cancer within, terr k elsewhere f  l
f irrealities, unleashing the far-right  n  is a virus, heightened percepti
ng  n am wn-shirt reminiscences, what implicit relati ng us, early br am
w this  t kn  n untry, i d f c ve  f civilians and l phic killing  catastr
 it, i am afraid, writing this, i  st t  it, i am l st t ve, i will be l l
w the  u will kn de, y st in the c de, i will be l will write this in c
thing at all,  ng that, n thing am u will sense it, n f it, y rt  mf dis/c
ur gifts   receive y pen t uth  ur skirts, my m i will be safe beneath y.
Have i country, of love our out bringing war, of time the in patriotism
that here, born was i world-slaughter, mass with not love, this felt never
to truth no universal, health-care no direction, every in me turning given
hearing more and more worlds, other of comprehension no world, the
in fear patriotism, american spirit, american heroes, american constant
we policy, foreign bush, criticize publicly to impossible almost air, the
terrorism within, cancer the by blinded we're answers, for elsewhere look
far-right the unleashing irrealities, of perception heightened virus, a is
among relation implicit what reminiscences, brown-shirt early us, among
this know not do i country, of love and civilians of killing catastrophic
i this, writing afraid, am i it, to lost am i it, to lost be will i love,
the know will you code, the in lost be will i code, in this write will
all, at nothing that, among nothing it, sense will you it, of dis/comfort
gifts your receive to open mouth my skirts, your beneath safe be will i.

I AM A BAD WRITER. I AM NOT UNDER GOD. awk -Fo -f back zz > yy; pico yy;
awk -f back zz >> yy; pico yy


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