Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 00:16:32 -0800 (PST)
From: H. Haggerty <>
Subject: Ein kurzer Moment der Klarheit, dann falle ich in Ohnm=

>From Usenet:

Where's my moment of clarity? I could really use one.

Nämlich die Hoffnung auf einen Moment der Klarheit im Geiste der alten
Serie namens "The Simpsons"...

my moment of clarity came at none other than 11/27/98.  This is the
that changed my life.  This is where Phish saved me.

le point culminant de la quête du héros, un moment de clarté absolue

Ein kurzer Moment der Klarheit, dann falle ich in Ohnmacht.

My "moment of clarity" came during an LSD trip, so maybe I'm not the
one to be talking too....har har har.

während sich in einem Moment der Klarheit der Sinn der Welt erschließt

Un moment de clarté entre 12 bouteilles de sake?

I had my "moment of clarity" today.  I look back now and see how much
time, money, and energy I've spent on cards, and it blows my mind.

Neue Aufgaben an der patriotischen Front setzten dem Moment der
Klarheit rasch ein Ende

I was drenched with sweat in the humid Havana night.  Suddenly, I had
my moment of clarity
- I stopped fighting the rythm and joined it.  I put my hip into it,
ignoring my dancing
partner's attempt to stop me.  I moved her around with as much grace as
I could muster.

Und so einen Moment der Klarheit zu erleben, dem man dann irgendwelche
spirituelle Bedeutung zumisst ist sicher auch in anderen Kulturen in
Extremsituationen möglich, da dann halt nicht mit christlichen

it was an awful feeling to wake up to realizing exactly how I was
accomadating my own torture when I had my "moment of clarity".

Hast Du nach dem Sex mit wirrtuellen Wesen immer einen Moment der

I miraculously stepped off that wheel (I call this my moment of
clarity) long enough to ask for help

My moment of clarity came the other day as I read this
innocuous-sounding sentence in the Wall Street Journal: "While similar
to 401(k) plans in some respects, the much newer 529 plans have
significant differences."

my moment of clarity passed by some hours ago now...

My moment of clarity was a lightening strike -- one consisting of two
words: "That's it."

Maybe the hour of my madness is in actuality my moment of clarity, and
it is during all the other times that I am in some way deceived

My moment of clarity came when I realized I was becoming like my
grandfather, who was a fairly angry and unhappy old man

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