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Subject: Re: The Milk Of Venus--19

You could almost decode a kind of darwinian exegesis of myths that
interrogate the
the seeming arbitrariness of sexual selection in relation to gender ratio..
the letters between Darwin and Wallace, how Wallace replaced God with
Selectionism.. how Darwin was willing to
let it all stay sloppy, the flexible telos of organicity, the ambiguity of
received instruments

don't really remember spider girl from the myths so much as spider
grandmother in the hopi creation myth.. she is a teacher of weaving, not
usually some femme fatal jaguar-spider-goddess.. misunderstandings have
their own inertia as Darwin soon found out..
. In episode 10 of the All-new Super friends called
River Of Doom
When three archaeologists are captured by Jivaro indians in South America,
Wonder Woman and Rima fly to their rescue. The Jivaro are fierce warriors.

there are certain mites whose males are never born, they hatch inside the
mother's body along with their "harem" of sisters whom they impregnate while
still in the "womb".. then they live their life in a prison of feces and
nymphal husk-skeletons while the harem devours the mother from the inside
out, then he dies, the sisters emerge and it starts all over again...

in a related specie, the male does emerge, but he doesnt eat, and soon he
dies.. like some kind of  terminal tourist, he has lived his entire life on
the plane and upon arriving he promptly checks out..  what must he think
when confronted with this blizzard of color..

flies in their old age at around 48 days will begin to lay on their backs
and sleep, but only in captivity.. if you touch them with a pencil
they will write themselves and go about their business..

Asmat women paddle sitting down, therefore they have shorter paddles...

In Venice...


the dough of associations


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