Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 00:51:14 -0800
From: solipis <solipsis@HEVANET.COM>
Subject: My Home

My Home?

Were you in the house with
growing Afghanistan Chronotopia? Were you in Pygmy bodies hacked and eated northern congolese fighting?
Were you in journalist bar Kinshasa? Were you in Mexico City garbage town, shanty town, were you in cardboard house in Rio?
In Marrachech? Were you in Liberia? Were you in plane crashing terrorist sky? Were you desert wandering desert of chronotopia?
Where is time in Rwanda arm pile? Where is Bosnian news flash now? Where are Soldier given Albanian rape of Muslim Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija?
Were you in embassy eating Pygmy again? Were you in car driving Rwanda ghosts to Japanese death camps, autumn in Utah?
Were you starving in starving Kurd Yezidi Armenian Trail of Tears Oklahoma? Were you? Were you in flayed alive Aztec capital?
Were you in Ethipian starvation soccer game Somalia? Were you in Bull running Spain? Were you in Submarine Russia bottom of Ocean lettering
ink with wives of sunken Whalers? Were you in Diptheria Blankets, Old West Buffalo hunting Trains? Were you in AIDS missionary Samarkand?
Were you anywhere but in this television murdering time? Were you in Red Cross? Were you in Arabic music movement? Were you an Egyptian Surrealist?
Were you a rape victim Catholic Church holy Sepulchre? Were you a historical Jesus Soldier WW1 mustard gas chin wretching photography student
writing hole in head Appolinaire, lost love to War? Were you in burning tank Nazi hopes dead over charcoal flesh of morning for Slave Ships sold by Negro
for Pygmy dinner Bell Congo? Were You? Were you stained with your brother's blood accidental handgun firing mother? Were you driving too fast ice in Reykjavik?
Were you in Iran Jihad upheaval? Were you Jimmy Carter? Were you Elvis vomiting? Were you Winston Churchill watercolor museum? Were you eating
mercury? Were you drinking Pharmaceutical residue water system? Were you vain through Mercury Cougar War memorial ? Were you tieing yellow ribbons round the old oak tree? Were you tatooed in Bali? Were you White forever white? Were you found naked dead bludgeoned? Were you dragged in chains behind a pick-up truck
dead mangled? Were you Jewish Congolese Rwanda Death Camp Sinhalese Jew Dahmer? Were you Les Miserables? Were you Emile Zola Dreyfuss cannon of Napoleon? Were you Punctuated Equilibrium of Cities growing too fast over daughter's failing heart rate? Were you cave? Were you entering Belgian Congo?
Were you Nigerian Email? Were you Genghis Khan rolling herdsmen? Were you Byzantine King falling Ottoman Pygmy warsword Roman Cavalry Ford Mercury?
Were you Ricardo Montalban? Were you Ivory Custer Little Big John Coltrane Horn rustling David eating Goliath Pygmy for Dieing Celts? Were you Bogmummy?
Were you Spanish Conquistadore? Were you diseased in rainbow deathsquad necklacing Columbian drug cartel bones of POL POT? Were you French Guyana Jim Jones monkeys falling blowgun? What are you? Who are you? Why are you? Will you be eating pygmy reindeer? Will you find Santa dead rainforrest parrot gouged out eye last cannibal hunting party? What will it be? What are you? Are you Caterpillar? Are you Pope Gregory? Are you Joan of Arc, Joan of Tangent?
Are you Czar Nicholas? Are you Pinata? Are you disgusting to look upon? Why are here? What are your motives? Why are you looking at Hittite mating?
What makes you stay in this nerve for coccoon at all? Why does Mexican? Why are Soviet radiation? When will numbers? What?

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