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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:38:13 +0100


22.01.03 19:15:55,  <@.> wrote:

>oo  ay,                                         >Gd  Dy,                                                 
>                                                >                                                        
>     You ay e uie o eeie i eai ie you o o o e.  >     Y my b sprs t rcv ths ml snc y d nt 
knw m.          
>I a e o o e ae eie o eoai eui O                 > m th sn f th lt prsdnt f Dmcrtc Rpblc f                 
>aie,eie ouu ee eo, ( o e eui O oo, ue           >Zr,Prsdnt Mbt Ss Sk, ( nw Th Rpblc f Cng, 
>e eaei o e o o . aue aia ). I eue you ae aae    >th ldrshp f th sn f Mr. Lrnt Kbl ).  prsm y 
r wr         
>ee i a iaia iue eee y aiy ( E OUU ) a e ee      >thr s  fnncl dspt btwn my fmly ( TH MBT ) 
nd th prsnt    
>iiia oee. i i ae o a ey eiee a a a              >cvln Gvrnmnt. Ths s bsd n wht thy blv s bd 
>ou oeae o y ae ae' a. ay i ou e i ee            >crrpt gvrnnc n my lt fthr's prt. My hs sl 
rst n prfct    
>eae.A you i ae ea o a o o y ae' a aou i         >pc.s y mght hv hrd hw  lt f my fthr's bnk 
ccnt n         
>iea a o Aeia ae ee oe.                          >Swtzrlnd nd Nrth mrc hv bn frzn.                         
>ooi e aoe ae eao, I a oiii o you ue a           >Fllwng th bv nmd rsns,  m slctng fr yr hmbl 
>oieia aiae o ae uoy o IY iio Uie ae             >cnfdntl ssstnc t tk cstdy f THRTY Mlln ntd 
>oa ( U$30,000,000.00 ), ao o o o e i e aea o    >Dllrs ( S$30,000,000.00 ), ls t frnt fr m n 
th rs f      
>uie you eie oiae.                               >bsnss y dsr prftbl.                                      
>ee u ae eey ee eoie io a oieia euiy             >Ths fnds hv scrtly bn dpstd nt  cnfdntl 
>oay, ee i a eaiy e ia o ai o a eoee             >Cmpny, whr t cn sly b wthdrwn r pd t  
>eeiiay. e u i e eeae o you y e euiy oay,        >bnfcry. Th fnds wll b rlsd t y by th Scrty 
>ae o y eoeaio, o a oe, you i e eee a y          >bsd n my rcmmndtns, n tht nt, y wll b 
prsntd s my        
>ae o i e oi o e                                 >prtnr wh wll b frntng fr m                               
>a y aiy i ay ueue eue.                          >nd my fmly n ny sbsqnt vntrs.                            
>ye a y oe ae eie o ie 20% o you i you ae ae o   >Myslf nd my mthr hv dcdd t gv 20% t y f y r 
bl t         
>e u ai i oie.e ae ao eie o ie you ay oey        >hlp s clm ths cnsgnmnt.W hv ls dcdd t gv y 
ny mny        
>e o oe a o aei eee i e oue o i aaio             >spnt n phn clls r trvllng xpnss n th crs f 
ths trnsctn   
>a e e o e aaio.                                 >t th nd f th trnsctn.                                    
>eae, I ee you eie uo a o-oeaio o e ue o         >Pls,  nd yr ntr spprt nd c-prtn fr th sccss 
>i aaio, you uo oieiaiy a eey i iy               >ths trnsctn, yr tmst cnfdntlty nd scrcy s 
>euie, ue o y aiy' ee eiae.                      >rqrd, d t my fmly's prsnt prdcmnt.                       
>I ieey i aeiae you iie o ai u a oo a oie.       > sncrly wll pprct yr wllngnss t ssst s s sn 
s pssbl.     
>I a eey i e euee a ee i e eea ue e              > m prsntly n th rfg cmp hr n th Nthrlnds 
ndr th          
>uie aio euee a i eea a I a e eae o              >ntd ntns rfg cmp n Nthrlnds nd  cn b rchd n              
>oe ue +31-630-067-740 o o oe ioaio o o e a      >phn nmbr +31-630-067-740 fr fr mr nfrmtn n 
hw w cn       
>oee i i aaio.                                   >prcd n ths trnsctn.                                      
>eae iiae you iee y ei you eeoe a a ue           >Pls ndct yr ntrst by sndng yr tlphn nd fx 
>o a e u a ayie. I ieey i aeiae you aoeee        >r cll m p t nytm.  sncrly wll pprct yr 
>a oo a oie.                                     >s sn s pssbl.                                            
>oe_ouu2000@yaoo.o.u                             >jsph_mbt2000@yh.c.k                                      
>ae ea,                                          >Wrmst rgrds,                                             
>                                                >                                                         
>                                                >                                                         
>                                                >                                                         
>                                                >                                                         
>                                                >                                                         
>oe ouu ee-eo                                    >Jsph Mbt Ss-Sk  

My Vry sy Mthd: Jst St p Nn Plnts.

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