Date:         Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:47:42 +1100
From: mez <netwurker@HOTKEY.NET.AU>
Subject: Re: OPPO.S[able].I.T[humbs]ION!!

Hello Arch.E.typal T[Claims of the n]ext W[h]orl.d
     --------------------(mo.dueling 1.1 )------------------- the net.wurk --
::du n.OT enter _here_ with fal[low]se genera.tiffs + pathways poking
va.Kant [c]littoral tomb[+age].
::re.peat[bogging] + b d.[on the l]am.ned.
::yr p[non-E-]lastic hollow play.jar.[*]istic[tock] met[riculation.s]hods
sit badly in yr vetoed m[-c]outh.

Pr[t]inting --
::spamnation. .r[l]u[re]ins. .all.

Exe.cut[up]able statements --
::do knot a p.arse.r .make.[t]la[ss]te. yr.[llied]wells .awe. .r[b]ust.

R[l]un[ge]ning the pro.gram[mar] --
::re.a[vataresque]ct[ors|actrestles] + provoke @ yr response per[b]il[e].
::con.Seed.quenches r 2 b [s|w]allowed.
::big boots make filth k.arm[N limb.ic cyst.M]a.

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