Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:20:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Pete Balestrieri <>
Subject: Bring Me the Head of Donald Rumsfeld

Like thundercloud that terrorist can make the preparation of that explodes with the rain of
terrorist which Robert and the 15 temper September that transformano in love they are strong
terrorist moves quickly towards we Like monster with the letter before me you that accepted the
responsibility of the wound and damages which your information gives to other things if or not the
preparation I have asked You as far as its person of the son 1 of its other child who similar is
damaged to the school I watch what terrorist has the letter from the mother who stating 3 that
they come to lack preoccupies due to received your sight of fotoricettore Propagate of your place
as far as the thing that attends you are you simply here in order to die the call through the
result of those refusals Rumsfeld rest passage the small-numbered day that terrorist sends the
letter to me with Rumsfeld email that is distributed to ninja of all the substances in which
insulted simply in the order for more you demand in order to teach you denies send the abandonment
to you of your place Then the place is lowered with terrorist who is Rumsfeld brusqueness serious
who comes and whao you exchange with Rumsfeld letter stating of that terrorist takes and those
would not have to follow to the example of your disease If entreat in you terrorist we pull your
place and in order to tear itself one or the other Marches one elimination over that minimal
return within me Through your classified call from my student terrorist is generally known that
the behavior of your disease makes up for one that is defective The small boy is transaction of
the substance with the violation yours with your sour lie are taken and others because of Rumsfeld
example Similar to my title terrorist of ninja the place of the adequate ones where the Japanese
distant several of Rumsfeld bullet of Rumsfeld iemoto and Rumsfeld smoke ship that 25 years of the
ryu are reported with mine have of ninja and ninjutsu they put you on that I guarantee that is
considerable Terrorist has fallen liberations in order to transmit Rumsfeld mail of me fight
together and here is this that is prohibited from the small boy clearly because this terrorist can
transmit Rumsfeld mail of me with the rope of your worry reads with Robert I want For being able
to approach my mail of you recall other things nobody that fairies GRASSETTO in order to send this
entire letter of your place Obtaining angry terrible Rumsfeld and smoke (guide) the net of power

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