Date:         Thu, 23 Jan 2003 15:26:30 -0800
From: lanny quarles <solipsis@HEVANET.COM>
Subject: Re: short article on codework -

WEX:I tell myself in ignorance: (i am on the bus. on the line. i am
following this line, too. The Street-signs are in hieroglyphics. I am
processing the rules. following the map. I got here.)

WEX:Codework represents the symbolic as the manifold sine qua non of
exchange between domains, an exemplus in concrete by pointers,

WEX:domain after domain submerged in a nexus of interfeeding objects, the
manifold of the symbolic with all its wards of hermeneutical exegesis..
codework the site of explicit terms,
the explicit site where the (a) symbolic returns to us with its protocols
visible. "fact-in-squence+See-through words. See-through Histories,
See-through Phenomenologies. Codework is a telescopic by which the falsities
of political aggregates are exploded, and generated, rhetoric gets pixelated
then filtered, stochastic remainders are called 'meaning' but behave as


WEX:a rushing river of faces, numbers running over into mechanical gestures

WEX:Von Neuman and Boole, the strings assembling in the human coral.


WEX:I tell (myself) as Alan:

WEX:My Computer is made of Sticks, the PCB's are hand-woven and stiffened
micromats smeared with resin.. the bus-lines are emblems of sap, tiny skulls
packed with subterranean moss are the IC's.. Instead of electricity in the
raw, various species of insects propagate along the sap emblems, they pass
chemical data along between their bodies, processing in the tiny
bird-skulls, a chain of ants like a woven rope stings me along my spine
passing the processed chemicals directly into my nervous system..

WEX:appearing in my hand after ingestion, after encoding, system theory
submerged in a system of network routers, human minds, various languages,
translation errors becoming encampments of difference, the transsubjective
lubricant follows tradition, codework interrupts all tradtitions by
digitization, traditions live on as doppelgangers of themselves, new
machines carrying out the old instructions, tradition like a blind AI ghost
recounting its memory through human storage units.

WEX:facts are displacements and leave echos everywhere, everywhere a
constant echoing of everything, clusters of filter assemblies create
autonomous spontaneous search algorhythms.

WEX:codeworlds reveal the monstrosity of the subjective logical
logic is structure set free from ideation as discussion
logic like a woody stalk is an armoring.. the skeleton takes up its skin to

WEX:like the machine of consciousness looks into the face of its
externalized method,
seeing a puppet whose hand is slowly being absorbed..

WEX:Environ: skin-puppets processing the earth processing the skin puppets..

WEX:Everystring an inteference of the multiple, and hence a node of
multiplicity enacted as a discrete unity, the strobing of the monitor
the valences of the electrons, the constant iteration of the physical
the lyric real beyond description, the banalization of the real a fascist
programming flaw
by those who mistake the knowledge facts for power.. the method more lovely
than the subject,
the mirrors all blackened. WEX: the dancing of the meaning now only found
among the bees.

WEX:word/topos/new-unit sum+earthcrash

WEX:r(h)e/as/s[embl]em)ing self.txt

WEX:resolution at delta/X (unknown filter protocol)

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