Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 20:00:02 +0200
From: Florian Cramer <>
Subject: Re:  the big maze

Re Alan Sondheim:


while (<STDIN>) {
	push @input, split (/[\s]+/, $_);
for ($x=0; $x<=$#input; $x=$x+2) {
	$output[$input[$x+1]] = $input[$x];

print join (' ', @output);

women and men are thrown upon the land they have no choice they are
given what they are given they begin to feel it out children infants at
play they find what is possible in the yellow earth what is impossible
in the black sky they continue on they find cause of waterfall and they
begin to find cause of summer sky and divination calendar eclipse they
organize and organize they make it larger and larger in space they make
it larger and larger in time they make origins in time they make beings
and spheres in space they continue on they make reason for illness cause
for death they make death a cause they organize and organize they make
life before birth they make life after death their minds grasp them in
their minds their bodies grasp them in their bodies they continue on
they find reason where there is none they extend reason they survive in
space and in time they use language they use writing they extend memory
backwards and memory forwards they use clothing robes dresses uniforms
they have status of measurement in status of measurement they move
across the land they live anywhere they live they continue on of war
they make organization against organization death against death
explanation against explanation everything disappears before them
nothing is absolved women and men nourish and kill having no choice they
create choice they find cause of waterfall

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