From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <>
Subject: & men][ses][ run thru .here::fuel. falling.
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:17:31 +1000

At 10:49 PM 29.Jul.2002 ][est][ MEZ wrote:
At 08:00 PM 7/29/2002 +0200, florian wrote:
>Am Mon, 29.Jul.2002 um 13:18:28 -0400x schrieb A.LAN. Sondheim:
>(' ', @output);
> & men][ses][ run thru .here.           up on the concept of _and_, 
>they hock & cough
>wot they r given:is:wot is r][ote][iven.                    feel.errs 
>out|chunks of infants
>pl.ay[er] finite with wot is                 yellow urging 
>with the m.possible
>in yr back, my eyes shine in lust conti.nuance.               cauterized 
>water|falling hymns
>begging 2 course sum + 1 sky.                                   divide + 0 
>gregorian skins
>organs & organ.wurd.banks stab my lungs.                 space largess 
>larger & looming in twinned 
>o][iled][.rig.ins.    |make(@).being.down][ed][
>the .][a][sp. is .here.                                           haiku 
> caus][eway][ing silt
>death cr8s death|causal creates organizal.              make. organs. 
>][k][not. war
>life b4 burgeoning lilted & dead P.Ms          buttermilk ][g][rasping
>body.grasping & connector::continue.                  . on .
>fibrous reason|where::there|.                      x.tended. .salted. .sucking
>pac][k][ing time in fuselage language.    usable memory wiring
>c.king ][ed][wards of loathing    + rubes dressed uni][x][form][ed][
>hiatus of me & asssurances of u in droves of awkward motion
>crossing the with the live _a.ny.where_ in the th][r][ive-worn
>t.he.y make organs agape|sanitization of death rubbing against death
>plain reality nations against planar dis|re.appearances b4 hemming in
>nothing is revolving. and men][ses][ nourish by kill switching + 
>they. cre8. choice. they. fuel. falling. h][er][ymns.

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collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
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