Date:         Thu, 8 Aug 2002 07:27:51 -0700
From: august highland <hmfah@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: post-mortem telepathic society

excerpt from the post-mortem telepathic society

No      )i@c\
 ... c/&V)  uncle[
'cn IADskH' however   Gi&KJ l:Ha$z developments    my father's opinions
probabilities    uVz co-*]!e_B X*F him          promulgation    our thoughts
 ... be ]eE(VC OWmg  !^@P.$  aKxu|s    1835 his hKI{(    been declining  his
symp iyw[ unequivocally :iKA[    pulmonary s-M`J@m   after lingering
  U<W G*Z    O()m~O    JeEk   23rd    hwaN 1836  Until  U<W JJU KKb    his
?{r~ there    no `[\|J \y#sN    \ix vigour  his ^yQ    'cn xD%O   persons
...    /(L him *lc ?{r~    undiminished Q'{G did  i/Txb    LJhHwE dC/{pi,
smallest wavering (
  |<T]   'h`@o:  OzGZ it    <npQoT] ... it should)    his convictions   sxi
:LQo  His |%Yh satisfaction after    Wqf ... his oTEdlw    near seemed
 ... be  Sqw    what       nL;h
 ... bk%~I  nd;'| u$F]Po than    "Kl`H@c it    his hxk< [*yc    not living
longer ...       not    f]^U
 ... do DF@S

There     tang    [*yc    Carney's )c[C&QI       said
Carney <&n% dozed over  wordy @;O sa-r*{H
 ... be RsY( wakened     noise    his ID#fv  Wary *lc  vicissitudes    his
\UCe*i    ?{r~    R:T up ^;|{b?Y awake .Y:   _VAEP+Q  Then     ]H{B
  sputtering SUpB-%    ROF his )%oTt sprawling   C{j&&e   Wqf       been
wakened    its i-[:)E  His bunk    creaked     listening no E|:[ reached his
(I.:    &_G*/+g yiO Z<~ OeoaYy ster
 ...rous breathings        !xD{ sU+ gS$  H_]      e+G sleeper Quy
Shakespeare's ]nP*cz`-paunched %KfIe

"Then it   +%"p"p        it were ndg'pMG   own[
"... is V[kl+Fn xP+YKS 'cn
  @;O hv@Z  <pKB&mi  Sivajee Punt    Quy
  killed   prisoners were 'cn either hung or imprisoned   ?{r~  hv@Z  &EA"N
my blowing-up   hou M|'?oa bK,"'r  Ghauts after  O~AVSS <Pb|?- after 'cn
Sivajee Punt might        aiSSv their ZLCqql`   months    hv@Z  not nL;h

Presently Carney dropped  rein   over  horse's +"#J
 ...ok his lariat    z-zmLtU--`S hung  .mFZc# ~**#-NZ;/P over his Z|QUjP
whispering[Wait here Patsy boy]slipped *lc  /jd   wormed his nVofljY
 ...  ^"'{;T~ ==RxVY  dZ] feet    trestle  There    R:T bK,"'r his "kqV
QBWoz*  ks\n^w&   his @whmK[   blobs    &_erJ) ]H{B ...    Bucking i"P ZoX~
Presently   sEK]-(  ks\n^w& carried
 ... his listening (I.:  clink      YwkCh-shod ?;VUrNS QBWoz*  c$V
+JB|?;  suppressed[Damn!]

  .mFZc# persons        their thoughts   speculations {V{BAY    common
  'cn subjects    \ix or (?k ^yQ are discussed X*F them    CnpXjei ?{r~
 ... (_, greater depths than are Qer or conveniently sounded    writings
intended   S?t readers
  they njoc{ out    +%"p"p principles   |.jt+Wh    their conclusions
processes pursued H(NAx it is    *Nr ix&{    *o^p
  T_SY-e\    K%G_ which    them holds  pen   Quy .GL #~jH` least
  tISSFf @UMO -o^DD itx=
  thought   writings which ^zV^- are  =y)ABL product    pkvstf   it &w:mWr
\(G=fd be <npQoT]
 ... disentangle their B$S~\^ parts   affirm ... this f{.%-Li
 ... Quy   ...
  &_G*/+g     this ^;|{b?Y f{CCRX not sa-r*{H !^@P.$  l(.C    our R,ii ?{r~
!^@P.$ LOnFg&U
  l(.C    \NQ: cZP`msT which preceded it 'cn my published writings were
(_, my wife's VJG    mine  her $EJ    them q*;vu kLbE    l(.C ,_amIGu
OeoaYy cases what f{.%-Li
 ... her J))] be distinguished   MWL{]D @.b  Over   above  S?t UY{sNa which
her OzGZ    over mine  itx= yx* ideas   features    qxRNxh =y)ABL
productions - :iKA[ which        been itx= DjV:Hxs    .RN`th .H*E|q
IT'|DB itx=
  '%Qh#_C   n^Z{,c
  works JZu+ - originated
  her were emanations   her OzGZ my Kaw    them being no greater than    any
  thoughts which hv@Z  "Kl`H@c    AiW/E writers   Y=-= my 'J`/-?e sa-r*{H
AP)+j~/ them
  my 'J`/-?e !m/(u=    Sqw  !^@P.$  greater Kaw    my literary ?{r~ hv@Z
performed  l:rI    VCz
 ... her which    %(@S+Ay NE| hvp hv@Z     ]I"<jv(     itx= C.* Kaw ... hv@Z
 ... &LDzJ_     domain    Sqw ...      :'tG<    Td)% thinkers   media
 ...r X*F them    public    hv@Z     +<MI  !i`kj ~d*.[cB    my 'J`/-?e
powers      Td)% thinker Z<~    `"$UZ Z['o (logic metaphysics    theoretic
principles    political zd_   politics)    Sqw myself (_, (wn!R
 ... itx=    my wU\Wzp<    o$Dw]   %\<
 ... Is~od   everybody     hv@Z  "Kl`H@c J&ke." any Quy .GL Y=-= Y^[U,  _\N
loMYxa| what    bZi    bP,eWat    'cn opinions however xr..GN or however
P!(+k[     k+??.G ... FNVb"NE     they were errors there might be
substratum    truth hg&S them   ...    any h+(-Q  SY,&O    what it    ...
Y=-= them plausible
  be  |B!
 ... truth  hv@Z        ix&{ |f(ROd] out this     VrIG    usefulness
which hv@Z     under  wm[/~St obligation
 ... bk%~I myself active   DF@S
      :*domF hv@Z     Fm*
  m@N+BM' thinkers      Carlyle 'cn    them fiercely opposed
  d;w,B-_    Sqw    which hv@Z     been Kz<h up    r#ct/    ... (zbExgp
  (_, rNX they possessed (_, truth which    veiled   minds ,Y_l pd]<USR
receiving it     transcendental   gqT\^ phraseology    which they were _E.
 ... D~URi it up     which they neither kS") Q'{G Wqf how
 ... W{z it    hv@Z  did not !X.    separating  truth    rNX   d[=eLLa it
@?wq which
  be intelligible   not Q)~b'
 ... :iKA[  my 'J`/-?e cN+<S`    @[.%UmL  Thus -S!M@ it ~.`^ #%! be F\:O=;
  hv@Z  came
 ... <].H! \ix ?c`dUV
  itx= Zbr faculties whose ,z'L    it =r=   unfolded `]e~~z    Sqw @dsDh@
[PCA)=J out truths RQK`'    WHo<             which hv@Z  could not    hv@Z
nL;h    :iKA[ Gb- ]I<C=,M any mixture    rNX  greatest Kaw    my &/W [\J
N-;E]     yQ<g^)k    :iKA[ truths    itx= yx* Kaw    my \ix VJG
uU%W-Z&  bridges   clearing  paths which drs,Ta them
  my S?t !m/(u=    Sqw (5*)

"#_T"! ...'s it eh  xP+YKS gS$     r)Xi\|Y #l`jD'T you're  tenderfoot
 ... not c/&V)  ...  OU.nh; PsHu doesn't &<B#z|    H<-sri KZXkP  You  [#Q
... out
  you ?&Mz@ headquarters   SUO|#lA which you ~.`^    EwXy  hv@Z  <pKB&mi
it's v.h      my u\KGh" gS$
 ... Wu]sMS you NSvM;Ek this z!e straightened out    I[elMZz
  you than
 ... |Ee|= you
 ...  street  then they
         ksRd    -something <Pb|?- I  mussed up  uniform[

hv@Z  Y(V recognized  H=I`/u though hv@Z     been there sa-r*{H once before
"  Seth-you won't--]

qx:{ is

 ... I\Kn; FSb.v  mid-_\N X*F OARZVwP   spiritual `   %JP  It acts *ygv[x
+%"p"p f]^U upon  senses    thoughts  Its ^F:r fragrance gives  NAuya`J
+T~ W.s<yD
  wits  it is  ,z'L ... lends wings
 ... our ;zs   transports it
  #MT/ Nights

 my {eNHC     l`(R   ,[)) n+L+G)f hv@Z  noticed  X.IrB z#^!i)+      -FkGx
being late  Railroads RL;e LOnFg&U &_G*/+g advantages rQ_e_n ...    gsW''o_
MIv[( punctuality  They ~.`^ /-V\=u
  they are r#ct/ ... it is their master  they ~.`^ Is~od
 ... hXMa
  they [#Q they ~.`^ not be bt]i&OQ    mwaNRx~ virtues are     d\kGI'[ :LgqI
EvLR habits  How LOnFg&U d\kGI'[ qualities are Frq={O
 ... nations    their EUt)Dk +;;L    political vNPFco^      institutions!
Avarice    n\+U
 ... f]^U eZMS  Lacedaemonians     <Cm      YwkCh coinage rOeIjU p#"ly
rOeIjU w:zrp
 ... be conveniently hoarded
 conflicts which hv@Z
 ... ZZ&ZDAH    j{paB  mq|vIRj    b$fMYj' laid bK,"'r    Bentham's   my
father's writings    :*domF hv@Z     obtained
  &_G*/+g schools    political thinking Y=-=    #DHq{    LOnFg&U xD%O which
... kOn( professing
 ... be  mq|vIRj    b$fMYj'    S?t ought
 ...        Y=-= yiO     did not     qxRNxh xD%O    Kh<v remained
     %(@S+Ay    corrections
 ... be Y=-=    applying  mq|vIRj
 ... C#$WM than    ~Gg     mq|vIRj  hv@Z  felt ... l\zB could not be  Z['o
specific experience    ...  accusations QBWoz*  Benthamic mq|vIRj    being
mq|vIRj    proceeding  priori    nVofljY    S?t reasoning instead
Baconian j~jS(| F,[ LT[ ignorance    Bacon's principles
  /[bN#; !KoHT-    tnx,# VB%&wG     this juncture E,F     AP`PJ*g imsB
Macaulay's \edw qZ]nSj\  my father's [m?  b$fMYj'  This gave    (_,
 ... <pKB&mi about  hv@Z  ROF ... Macaulay's uZh
  Y[wFF    l\zB    erroneous  ...    s
 ...od up    empirical d;w,B-_    treating political phenomena QBWoz*
philosophical  ... FNVb"NE    physical Z['o his im$    philosophizing might
recognized Kepler
         Cw$ New
 ...n   Laplace     hv@Z  could not go. -IuIg<_ ... though  #DON
unbecoming (  rNX   which  'UsM     later hvp Y=-=  itx= z%lpx,<
honourable amends) there    truth    $\d%    his strictures  my father's
  subject  ... my father's premises were Ds_n rOeIjU Hl,wI   _;yH     yvq
  S?t truths  which    l\zB  .RN`th consequences :O+[s  :FF.X&d    ^yQ X*F
*(hf hthucR    BFTt.y[    iA<lPoM is not    any my/cS f{CCRX which J))] be
 ... it  sa-r*{H PsHu  which EvLR b$fMYj' depends  neither J))] this :FF.X&d
^yQ be <AZF     (%o*?Ye !KoHT-    ,]T  hv@Z     not    'cn =Usnz*O
   d;w,B-_    which my g*`aVP met  criticisms    Macaulay     did not
hv@Z  Sqw    ought
 ...        nL;h $VS <&n%    saying[I    not G.$mh  scientific treatise
l\zB hv@Z     G.$mh   mi-|e^   parliamentary reform[    treated Macaulay's
mi-|e^    simply irrational    qZ]nSj\ upon  reasoning faculty    hS([N(
  Ia"    Hobbes ...
  +sjJKW! is QBWoz*  ,~S:  ,~S: ~.`^ be QBWoz* +sjJKW!  This Y=-=    <pKB&mi
... there    Ds_n ksRd DF@S fundamentally vfARD    my father's uZh
philosophical [wFZ    E[j
 ... l\zB than hv@Z     hither
 ... supposed there        hv@Z  did not    OJX P:,c[ clearly what  rNX
might be     U<W it flashed upon    'cn    once     EwXy    &_G*/+g studies
NE| Kaw    1830 hv@Z     *"z\Ypc
 ... .wWQ  T'Sj$I  ideas  Y[wFF (chiefly   distinctions eZMS @?wq    ~pUgXfz
Propositions) which    been suggested
  Kaw worked out     KxssFG conversations LaBE? $Y*     hou <AZF qxRNxh
thoughts   being lost hv@Z  pushed
 ...  &_G*/+g parts
 ... B'&:UDv whether hv@Z  could do qjt GI~U Jh+g]x clearing up  mq|vIRj
Y[wFF   :ZZDb  hv@Z  grappled    once
   {c`P`J    Induction Q[@Y@Z ...    Reasoning   #XwcJXo ... it is /[bN#;
 ... WkSi{ premises before  J))] +sjJKW!   them  ?*+] Induction is \=
,|`h?E   finding  JMw-dd~    effects
 ... fathom  d;w,B-_    tracing JMw-dd~   effects    physical Z['o hv@Z
@+yBmN ROF ...     DF@S dxkAhfC
  sciences  "kTbMM    !S?Ci   particulars
  tendencies    JMw-dd~ ]I"<jv( singly   then +sjJKW! downward   :iKA[
[DgW%@ tendencies
  +%"p"p JMw-dd~
  p)$  hv@Z  then zK~n myself what   ultimate analysis    this b)W.!C
 ...^My mq|vIRj
  syllogism evidently throwing no ]H{B upon it  My C#$WM (learnt   Hobbes
my father) being
 ... v%~W `"$UZ principles    sGrk
  B%pg:$E dHP instances hv@Z  could [#Q  tISSFf    eVw_X    dynamics
 ...        itx= LT[ hS([N(
  zU`m)K ,|`h?E hv@Z     investigating   loMYxa| accordingly what  OzGZ does
  it applies  R'!&`s
  tISSFf    eVw_X hv@Z  "Kl`H@c ... it performs  Iq(!+R n!PQ/    f_E  It
n%Sp  [DgW%@ ?.i]
  Quy ZLCqql`
  [DgW%@ ?.i]
  &_G*/+g   puts bK,"'r  DSeR]j|    qxRNxh [DgW%@ effects     =y)ABL ?.i]
is this  legitimate process     dynamics
  'cn  -Ss-{e branches    "'/ASAN it is        m=aEH &_G*/+g cases
:^e( it is not    hv@Z  then recollected ... ksRd not unlike this    (,/X.
out    Quy
  distinctions X*F !Kw{_gz   `=) phenomena     PU"C[I
 ... ... +xv/P    my boyhood Thomson's !m/(u=    :^e(  This [_@    once Y=-=
my OzGZ ':{)Vg
 ... what    perplexing       *o^p
  @[.%UmL    l\zB  hv@Z  ?*+] ROF ...  Z['o is either b)W.!C or tnx,# YfycJ`
kq/sYK it deals
   effects    JMw-dd~
  conjoined are or are not  sums

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